Healthy Relationships/Healthy Heart!

Scientists have researched for many years the healthful benefits of a relationship that supports stress reduction. We have all also seen many studies that show the health risks of a chronically stressful relationship! As February helps us to remember the importance of the heart and celebrating those we love, Arbor focuses on what in an intimate relationship sustains our overall health.

Make it a Priority– Look for opportunities to demonstrate that your relationship is a priority, whether that is through date night, turning off electronics for a conversation or taking the kids so the other can relax.

Allow for Conflict – Relationships where people allow each other to voice differences, even when it is emotional, create a critical opportunity for each person to release, process and work through the concerns that can increase physical symptoms. Creating a “neutral ground” between you where each can voice concerns aids in the release of body tension.

Seek Health as a Relationship Goal – Develop routines together that create peace, like walking regularly; create good nutrition, like eating creative salads every week; create fun, like looking back on vacation photos; or create good vibes, like having coffee and conversation.

The connection between healthy relationships and better health in general has been researched and proven over and over. To this point, we at Arbor challenge you to make a healthy relationship/healthy heart your goal! For questions, call us at 402-330-0960 anytime!