March Madness!!!

We are all abuzz rooting for our favorite local Basketball team, Creighton! We have big hopes as always!!

The type of March Madness that I wanted to speak to is a madness of an academic nature! The type of madness that begins to happen in a young person’s life who has fallen behind in school work and is questioning how they are going to finish out the school year! Maybe they have the personality type where they do their best work at the buzzer, either way, they are either lacking in their motivation or in their skills to balance their studies and organize themselves to be most productive. Here are a few tips to help your child or teenager who may need good intervention at this point:

Reduce distractions: 

It is difficult enough for some kids to stay interested and focused. As parent, you can give a great gift to your child by managing the noise pollution created by the rest of the family. Turn the TV off if it is ALWAYS on!! Ask other kids to play video games away from a designated study area or designated study time. Silence your phone if it is possible. Maybe you just need to read in the same room to encourage focus.

Encourage questions:

Your child’s homework is their responsibility. However, you may encourage and remain open to questions that will prevent them from giving up. Keeping yourself accessible during homework time could help them keep themselves on track with homework completion.

Show strong support:

When a child or teen is behind in their studies, they may give up, be overly self – critical, or develop feelings of hopelessness. They do not have the life experience to draw from that convinces them they can find a way to catch up or even learn from their mistakes. I have seen that the confidence and faith that a parent shows at these moments makes all the difference and helps build the child’s self-esteem.

If your child or teenager is struggling and falling behind and March Madness is ensuing, reach out if you need. Call the teacher or enlist a temporary tutor if needed. Give us a call if you are concerned about the level of depression and hopelessness or low self esteem you are noticing. Children are precious and we are here to help!

Maureen O’Donnell