It’s That Time of Year!!

“That Time of Year”

As we enter into the last two months of the year, we see before us holidays, celebrations, seasonal transitions and year-end events. We hold dear the time spent together and the tremendous meaning this time of year can generate in that togetherness. It is also a time of mourning if there has been a loss, through death, divorce or employment. All of this adds up to a time of great significance, which we need and tend to experience uniquely as individuals. My encouragement is to slow down this time of year by:

Setting boundaries in your schedule by creating “black out” times (term borrowed from airlines).

  • Keeping celebrations simpler (though people appreciate the extras, they enjoy together time most).
  • Keeping your focus on what you are learning about others’ lives and what you appreciate/love about them.

The diversity of these last two months is incredible, so I decided to include all commemorative dates. I apologize if I have missed anything. If I have, let me know:


  • National
  • Diabetes Awareness Month
  • National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month
  • NYPD Awareness Month
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • National Epilepsy Awareness Month
  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month


  • Political Correctness Awareness Month
  • Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month
  • Learn a Foreign Language Month
  • National Drugged/Drunk Driving Prevention Month
  • Identity Theft Prevention/Awareness Month
  • Read a New Book Month
  • National Hand Washing Awareness Month
  • Universal Human Rights Month
  • Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month
  • The Christmas Seal Campaign
  • International Calendar Awareness Month
  • International Sharps Injury Prevention/Awareness Month
  • AIDS Awareness Month
  • Write to a Friend Month
  • Art and Architecture Month
  • National Made-in-America Month
  • National Sign-up for Camp Month
  • National Write a Business Plan Month
  • Operation Santa Paws
  • Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

Specific December Dates:

  •  Hannukkah (Chanukah) – November 27 – December 5
  • National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week – December 1—December 7
  • Tolerance Week – December 1—December 7
  • World AIDS Day – December 1
  • Hand Washing Awareness Week – First Week in December
  • Human Rights Week – December 10—December 17
  • World Percussion Day—December 18
  • Las Posadas – December 16—December 24
  • Christmas – December 25
  • Kwanza – December 26—January 1
  • World Peace Meditation Day – December 31

Maureen O’Donnell