Arbor Family Counseling

Richard Lundquist, MS, LPC, LMHP, CSC

Richard has served a variety of counseling roles since 1971. For much of his career he has counseled teenagers and their families , and he especially enjoys the challenges that adolescents present. He also enjoys all aspects of family counseling and couples counseling.  He is a former high school counselor experienced in school issues of all types and enjoys working collaboratively with school personnel. He also has a special interest in parenting and step-parenting.  Other interests include drug/alcohol issues and counseling, drug/alcohol evaluations and counseling to quit smoking. Richard also sees many individuals for help with anxiety, depression and related issues.

Test anxiety, career and interest testing, helping aspiring (or current) college students pick a major and helping adults find their niche in work and life are additional areas Richard enjoys.

Richard is an experienced crisis counselor who works with those in crisis as well as their loved ones. He is a Tricare provider who is very respectful of military personnel and is experienced in working with them and their families and their unique issues.

Richard uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Family Systems Therapy, and Solution Focused Counseling as well as other techniques. He describes his therapy approach as soft-centered and always designed to help individuals discover and build upon their strengths. His positive approach to life’s troubling issues uses easy to understand language and approaches and encourages humor (when appropriate) as an effective healing/coping strategy. He always helps individuals determine specific goals for counseling and works to regularly review and measure their attainment through the counseling process.

Richard and his wife Judith (also a therapist at Arbor Family Counseling) have three adult children and three grandchildren. Richard began part-time at AFC in 1993 and has been a full-time therapist there since 2005.