Employee Assistance

Arbor Employee Assistance is honored to serve businesses of all sizes and their employees in Omaha, Nebraska, and surrounding areas. When working with companies, our purpose is to help people find solutions to life’s problems both at home and at work. All services are provided in a private and confidential manner!

Employers have expressed how grateful they are for the opportunity to create solutions for problems that hinder employee and organizational performance. Employees have expressed tremendous appreciation for a benefit that helps them achieve resolve, balance, and personal and professional growth. We are always available when you need us.

Resources for Employees:

Confidential Services – All services are offered in a confidential manner. Starting with your initial contact with us either through our 24 hour helpline or through the website, your request for help and all that you discuss is honored as personal and private. This is in accordance with our professional and legal codes and laws.

24-hour availability—You can call us anytime to speak with a counselor, set up an appointment at your

convenience or request a referral to a variety of professional services.

Unlimited Free Phone Consultation—Arbor can help you immediately with your concerns. Managers and employees have unlimited access to phone consultation or phone counseling services. This service is especially helpful when a crisis occurs.


Member Online Services—Our services are completely accessible online and are available to all employees and their family members. Important information will be available; including self-screenings and solutions and strategy sheets on a variety of topics.

Free Assessments and Short-Term Counseling—You are invited to complete a free face-to-face assessment. Our counselors throughout the country are able to help you address any personal issues of your concern. These assessments can be scheduled at your convenience sometimes within 48 hours. Free counseling sessions are also available through your employee assistance program. Critical issues of concern can be addressed and even resolved with this free benefit available to all employees and their spouses.

Resources for Supervisors:

WorkplaceSupervisor’s Toolbox—Supervisors receive special attention with our program. Specific services involved include:

Professional case management services for up to two years for supervisor referrals of troubled employees.

Management and Organizational Consultation Services—Arbor adds a proactive management training dimension to its current offering of services. We believe that strengthening the skills of the management team within your organization strengthens the overall organization. Specific services include:

Seminars and Training—Arbor offers a wide variety of seminars to employees and their family members. For a complete listing of these seminars, click here.


HR Partner—Arbor realizes the variety of demands that your Human Resources department faces daily, and we provide unlimited free consultation services to your Human Resources professionals. We are also committed to sharing the knowledge we posses as it relates to your daily decisions, and we refer you  to more specialized services when needed.

On Site Services:

Wellness Services—As companies take an increasing interest in the well-being of their employees, they realize that such services inspire greater efficiency in employee performance. Employers can also understand and reinforce employee efforts with the following services:

  • Coordination of, or involvement in, on-site health fairs
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Individualized Assessment
  • On-Line Wellness Library

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing—This is a highly valued service available to all companies 24 hours a day.

Our trauma response program begins with an immediate phone consultation, on-site management consultation, debriefing of employees and follow-up sessions. The goal is to minimize  interference in productivity by strengthening the recovery process for both employees and the organization.


Work/Life Services—Our work/life services are aimed at assisting employees in creating a healthy balance in an otherwise very busy and demanding life, allowing them to remain focused and productive on the job. Our work/life services are constantly evolving along with the needs of our clients. Currently, we can assist you with referrals for anything from legal concerns to child and elder care.

A referral service can also be requested for the specific needs of your organization.

Arbor Family Counseling: Your Partner in EAP


On Becoming a PartnerIt is easy to sign up for services with Arbor Family Counseling. Whatever the size of your organization, we are able to help you offer this benefit to employees to create a significant difference in their lives and enhance your company’s productivity.

Your company can become a partner by requesting services on many different levels:

  • Full Employee Assistance Services available to all
  • Annual fee-per-service (You pay only for certain services requested!)
  • Contracting for specialized training services only
  • DOT or Transportation-specific services only


Our Provider Network—Arbor is committed to maintaining constant communication with our national network of providers. We feel this sets us apart, as we are then able to continue coaching our network providers on your organizations’ needs. Nationwide, Arbor works with only licensed professional counselors and psychologists who are familiar with the needs of employee assistance and work as our partners to provide you the best of services. Our affiliate provider network is continuously growing, along with the companies we serve.


New Omaha Affiliate Provider: Crystal Anzalone, MS, PLMHP, NCC Visit her website here!


To learn more, contact EAP Specialist: Maureen O’Donnell

402-330-0960 || Maureen@arborfamilycounseling.com